We provide Employment Law and Workplace Relations expertise where and when you need it.

Contracts of Employment

We offer you a comprehensive service covering all elements of contracts to protect your business and ensure mitigate against problems down the road. 

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Employee Handbook

Do you need to review and update your existing Employee Handbook to bring it up-to-date with workplace changes or current legislation and case law?

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Employment Law Advice

We provide employers with advice and support on every aspect of employment law. We cover all aspects both at an organisation level and at an individual/employee level.

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Employment Hotline

In need of quick assistance?

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Disciplinary Procedures

Step by step guidance on the disciplinary or dismissal procedure.
Independent disciplinary investigations hearings or appeals, or advice on how to conduct them.

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WRC Representation

We prepare submissions and represent employers in the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court.  Excellent track record. 

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Workplace Investigations

Investigations and appeals. Can advise or carry out independent investigations and appeals for grievance, bullying, disciplinary, dismissal or fraud

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Our clients

Satisfied Customers With CollierBroderick

The Employment Law Hotline is brilliant – I don’t know why every company doesn’t have it or rather how they manage without it! Expert knowledge available at the end of a phone – I cannot recommend it highly enough

I have worked with CollierBroderick Management Consultants over the past couple of years. The team provide all round excellent HR & Employment Law services. I appreciate the practical manner in which they give HR advice. I will continue to use their services and would recommend them highly to anyone.

May I thank you both for the immense amount of work you both did in conducting this investigation. You have issued a comprehensive detailed and conclusive report which I greatly appreciate. Proceedings under the Grievance Procedure in respect of this matter are now concluded and HR will handle any outstanding procedural/process issues. 


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