Disciplinary Procedures

Employers are all too aware of the difficulties that can arise with disciplinary procedures.

Employment law in this area is complex and employers should take good advice as to how to best ensure that their disciplinary procedures will withstand scrutiny before the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court or indeed before the employee’s representative be they a trade union representative or legal representative.

It is important that an employer protects their business interests whilst ensuring that they are acting in line with HR best practice and in compliance with the employment law.


Key to this is the separation of the disciplinary investigation and the parties conducting this, from the disciplinary hearing and outcome, and the parties conducting this.

Equally important is the right to appeal the decision. The parties conducting the appeal should be independent from the investigation and the hearing.

Disciplinary Procedures Step By Step Support

To obtain step-by-step guidance as to how to conduct a disciplinary procedure, including consideration of any suspension, and sanctions such as warnings, dismissal, demotion and so on, contact us.


In some cases, having an external party such as ourselves conduct an independent third party disciplinary investigation, disciplinary hearing or appeal, may be the right choice. In that case, please contact us for more information.


We can lead and manage the disciplinary investigation, disciplinary hearing or the appeals process or we can assist as an independent party combined with internal organisation resources such as HR or senior leaders.

Our methodology provides assurances to the employer and employee that a comprehensive, independent analysis of the issues will be conducted, and procedure will be followed which is compliant with employment law, best-practice and the policies of the organisation.

We can assure employers that such investigations, hearings or appeals will be completed independently and professionally, and within a quick and reasonable timeframe, in the interests of all the parties concerned.

If you would like help in this matter, please contact us or Call 01 866 6426


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