Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace

Conducting Harassment or Workplace Bullying Investigations

  Tips for Conducting Workplace Bullying or Harassment Investigations An employer who receives a formal complaint of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment, in writing, or who has progressed through some or several steps in an informal process in attempts to resolve issues, may find they need to institute a formal investigation into the matters.  …

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying or Harassment

Workplace Bullying. We all agree that the workplace should be free from any activity or behaviour that adversely affects the dignity of people in the workplace and that the working environment should provide all employees the freedom to conduct their work without having to suffer harassment or bullying.   What is harassment or bullying is…

What Workplace Bullying Is and Is Not

What is Bullying? Workplace bullying is repeated inappropriate behaviour, which may be verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by a person(s) against an other person(s), which takes place in the workplace or in the course of person(s) employment, which could reasonably be regarded as undermining the individual’s right to dignity at work   A characteristic of…

Mediation Process-Outline

Purpose Mediation aims to assist parties to resolve their dispute through informal and confidential discourse in which a neutral third party, a mediator, assists the parties to reach a negotiated and mutually acceptable resolution/agreement.   Role of Mediator The mediator is impartial and has no authoritative or decision making power. Nor does the mediator have…

Company Fails to Properly Investigate Bullying Complaint – Results in Constructive Dismissal Award

Background to Complaint   This action highlights the classic elements for a claim for constructive dismissal, and also indicates that it is often insufficient for an employer to claim that had they become aware of any allegation of bullying or harassment in the workplace that they would have acted on it.   The very fact…

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