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We provide impartial, independent, thorough and expeditious investigation for health or social care services, taking into account the sensitivities involved regarding vulnerable adults or children and staff.


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Trust in Care

All Health and Social Care services in Ireland are committed to promoting the well-being of patients/clients by providing a caring environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.  


Managers are responsible for maintaining the required standards of care within their area of responsibility and for dealing with any shortfalls in standards or reports of suspected or alleged abuse. 


If it is decided that a formal investigation is warranted, the health or social care services will ensure that the investigation team will have the necessary expertise to conduct the investigation impartially and expeditiously.  In some cases, the investigation team may request appropriately qualified persons to carry out clinical assessment, validation exercises, etc. 


This is where CollierBroderick can support organisations. We are totally impartial and with our highly skilled investigators, can guarantee to carry out the investigation expeditiously to support the staff member and the organisation.  


We are expert in workplace investigations and have carried out hundreds of investigations over many years.

With our experienced HR and workplace investigators, who are also experienced in health or social care services, we are well equipped to provide an impartial, independent, thorough and expeditious investigation, taking into account the sensitivities involved regarding vulnerable adults or children and staff.


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Satisfied Customers With CollierBroderick

I appreciate the prompt way in which you dealt with this complaint and I think your investigation report is very comprehensive

I found Helena very professional and knowledgeable. She was also very thorough and able to adopt a practical approach to situations when required

CollierBroderick proved invaluable delivering the project in a most professional and effective fashion, helping us to set up a new HR Structure. Eextremely supportive & knowledgeable but also encouraged us to put in our own input. Thoroughly satisfied with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending CollierBroderick 

May I thank you both for the immense amount of work you both did in conducting this investigation. You have issued a comprehensive detailed and conclusive report which I greatly appreciate. Proceedings under the Grievance Procedure in respect of this matter are now concluded and HR will handle any outstanding procedural/process issues. 


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