Employee Engagement

Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change

Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change

  A company’s culture significantly influences whether talent is attracted or not attracted to a company and whether top-performing employees can be retained. According to Gallup research, employees and teams who align with their organisation’s culture consistently perform better on internal key performance metrics than those who do not. Just 4 in 10 U.S. employees strongly…

11 Factors Affecting Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement? Engaged employees are those who are totally absorbed in their work, working longer and harder, taking on additional assignments and all focused on the needs of the organisation. What affects Employee Engagement? A review of the research  by Ruyle, Eichinger & De Meuse (2009) identified the following 11 main factors affecting…

Employee Involvement Pays Off with Higher Levels of Work Performance

Recently published research from Eurofound shows that employee involvement can support employers’ objectives in raising levels of work performance and can also enhance the quality of employees’ lives at work.   The extent to which employee involvement leads to mutual benefits for the employer and employee is not well understood presently in terms of ‘hard…

Defining Employee Engagement

We define employee engagement as the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards their organisation and its values.   When employees are positively engaged with their organisation, they form an emotional connection with the company. This affects their attitude towards their colleagues and the company’s clients and improves customer satisfaction and service levels….

Employee Engagement – Measurement Without Action

There are many off-the-shelf surveys available that assist organisations measure the levels of employee engagement in the organisation. Indeed, the organisation can design and implement its own employee engagement survey relatively easily or have one designed and implemented.   However, recent studies have shown that measurement without action not only doesn’t help, it can actually…

Drivers of Employee Engagement

What are the key drivers of employee engagement?   First off though let me define what employee engagement really is:   It is a positive attitude held by the employee towards the organisation and its values. An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for…

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