Adverse Weather – How to handle it from a HR Perspective

Adverse Weather – How to handle it from a HR Perspective

Met Éireann has indicated that there is likely to be severe adverse weather affecting most parts of Ireland starting tomorrow. There are some indications that this may continue for at least the rest of the week and maybe into next week.   We have all been advised not to make unnecessary journeys, thus , what…


Trends in Performance Management Software

With the shift from traditional performance management focused on the annual appraisal, to continuous performance management focused on everyday conversations and check-ins, there has been an explosion in the range of software tools to enable the everyday process of performance management to take place more easily.   The move to continuous performance management has come…

Continuous Performance Management

Three Reasons Why Continuous Performance Management is Today’s Currency

We have written previously about Re-Engineering Performance Management and there are many articles about companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Deloitte, Cargill, and many more who have been re-inventing their performance management processes, and moving from the annual performance appraisal  to continuous performance management or agile performance management.   Continuous performance management relies on more…

Continuous Performance Management

What is Continuous Performance Management?

Continuous performance management (or agile performance management) is performance management that takes place throughout the year on an ongoing basis, as opposed to those based on traditional annual appraisals.   It includes:   near-term objective setting, rather than annual objective setting regular one-to-ones or ‘check-ins‘, rather than an annual appraisal, and  real-time or in-the-moment feedback, rather…

Agile Performance Management

Agile Performance Management

What can Business Leaders and HR Professionals learn from Agile Software Development?   How can we apply it in performance management?   This paper provides insights into some of the practices that are used in agile software development, which could be applied directly, or with some modification, to enhance performance management in any organisation.  …

Evidence Based Interviewing

Evidence Based Hiring

Any organisation is as strong as its weakest links, and just a few poor performers can adversely affect your entire team.   Poor performance can mean poor attitude, poor behaviour, or a lack of flexibility, and so on, as well as poor performance per se.   Though there is no fool proof method for always getting…

High Performers or High Potentials-

Assessing People for Leadership Positions

The need to distinguish between High Performers and High Potentials is essential.   How do we know which employees have “what it takes” to be high potentials and to invest in grooming them for supervisory and management positions or senior leader positions?   How do we know that the Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager who…

Personal Development Objectives

It is well recognised that personal development is a key driver of organisational performance and employee engagement. Emphasising personal development has also been heavily linked to employee retention. For reasons such as these, Personal Development Plans (PDPs) form part of many organisations’ performance management systems. However, despite their many advantages, PDPs have also invited criticism,…


Great Behavioural Interviewing Questions

Behavioural Interviewing – the Key to Good Interviews Good interview questions matter As an interviewer, in less than 1 hour, you’ve got to “get under the bonnet” of all the coached and rehearsed answers that candidates will give you, and ask those small few questions that ensure you make a sound hiring decision. It’s a…

Re-Engineering Performance Management

Not many employees or managers will be surprised to see that performance management is undergoing a makeover in many organisations. The re-invention of performance management from what it has been to a practice that is in tune with today’s economies and workplaces is welcome.   To stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices…

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