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Trends in Performance Management Software

With the shift from traditional performance management focused on the annual appraisal, to continuous performance management focused on everyday conversations and check-ins, there has been an explosion in the range of software tools to enable the everyday process of performance management to take place more easily.   The move to continuous performance management has come…

Continuous Performance Management

Three Reasons Why Continuous Performance Management is Today’s Currency

We have written previously about Re-Engineering Performance Management and there are many articles about companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Deloitte, Cargill, and many more who have been re-inventing their performance management processes, and moving from the annual performance appraisal  to continuous performance management or agile performance management.   Continuous performance management relies on more…

Continuous Performance Management

What is Continuous Performance Management?

Continuous performance management (or agile performance management) is performance management that takes place throughout the year on an ongoing basis, as opposed to those based on traditional annual appraisals.   It includes:   near-term objective setting, rather than annual objective setting regular one-to-ones or ‘check-ins‘, rather than an annual appraisal, and  real-time or in-the-moment feedback, rather…

Agile Performance Management

Agile Performance Management

What can Business Leaders and HR Professionals learn from Agile Software Development?   How can we apply it in performance management?   This paper provides insights into some of the practices that are used in agile software development, which could be applied directly, or with some modification, to enhance performance management in any organisation.  …

Abercrombie Age Limit of 25 for On Call Workers is Legitimate

Abercrombie Age Limit of 25 for On Call Workers is Legitimate

In an interesting ruling recently, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) determined that the age limit of 25 used by Abercrombie & Fitch for on-call workers is not unlawful because it pursues a legitimate aim.   The Italian law in question stipulates that an on-call employment contract, whereby the worker makes themselves available…


Compulsory Retirement Age

With much discussion in the media, in the courts and among employers in recent times, in this article we look at the current situation regarding enforcing a compulsory retirement age.   State Pension Age   Since January 1, 2014 the age at which a person is entitled to a State Pension is 66 years. This…

Lufthansa retirement

Objective Justification required for compulsory Retirement Age

With much discussion in the media and among employers recently, the following case will be of interest to all who are considering retirement age in the workplace.   Compulsory retirement age of 65 – is it valid?   A pilot with Lufthansa CityLine had taken a case to 65 the Court of Justice of the…

Unfair Dismissal Award

Unfair Dismissal Award following the making of a Protected Disclosure

In this case, an installation engineer was dismissed by a communications provider shortly after he made a protected disclosure to the company’s managing director.     He began work with the company on July 27, 2015.     On January 7, 2016, he had refused to use equipment because he deemed it unsafe, therefore he…

Discrimination on grounds of age during recruitment process

Discrimination on grounds of age during recruitment process

The recent Tennis Ireland case before the WRC, reported in IRN, resulted in the WRC Adjudication Officer deciding that  Tennis Ireland had discriminated against the former director of development at the International Tennis Federation, on the ground of age, when it selected a less qualified candidate for the post of chief executive.   The claimant…

Banking Products by Banking category

52% of Credit Union Members are Fully Engaged, Yet Lose Customers to the Banks

In this article, we cover an interesting piece of research from Gallup about customer service, customer engagement and use of services in credit unions, community banks and national banks in the US.   Gallup found that community banks and credit unions have higher customer and member engagement than national banks, but miss out on providing…

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