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Sectoral Employment Order for the Construction Sector

The new Sectoral Employment Order (Construction Sector) 2017 took effect from 19 October 2017.    Who is affected by the Sectoral Employment Order?    The Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) is legally binding on construction sector employers. The definition of the sector is wide and covers “Building Firms” and “Civil Engineering Firms” which includes a wide…

Abercrombie Age Limit of 25 for On Call Workers is Legitimate

Abercrombie Age Limit of 25 for On Call Workers is Legitimate

In an interesting ruling recently, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) determined that the age limit of 25 used by Abercrombie & Fitch for on-call workers is not unlawful because it pursues a legitimate aim.   The Italian law in question stipulates that an on-call employment contract, whereby the worker makes themselves available…


Compulsory Retirement Age

With much discussion in the media, in the courts and among employers in recent times, in this article we look at the current situation regarding enforcing a compulsory retirement age.   State Pension Age   Since January 1, 2014 the age at which a person is entitled to a State Pension is 66 years. This…

Lufthansa retirement

Objective Justification required for compulsory Retirement Age

With much discussion in the media and among employers recently, the following case will be of interest to all who are considering retirement age in the workplace.   Compulsory retirement age of 65 – is it valid?   A pilot with Lufthansa CityLine had taken a case to 65 the Court of Justice of the…

Unfair Dismissal Award

Unfair Dismissal Award following the making of a Protected Disclosure

In this case, an installation engineer was dismissed by a communications provider shortly after he made a protected disclosure to the company’s managing director.     He began work with the company on July 27, 2015.     On January 7, 2016, he had refused to use equipment because he deemed it unsafe, therefore he…

Discrimination on grounds of age during recruitment process

Discrimination on grounds of age during recruitment process

The recent Tennis Ireland case before the WRC, reported in IRN, resulted in the WRC Adjudication Officer deciding that  Tennis Ireland had discriminated against the former director of development at the International Tennis Federation, on the ground of age, when it selected a less qualified candidate for the post of chief executive.   The claimant…

Questions and Answers on Credit Union Mergers

Questions and Answers on Credit Union Mergers

  Last month’s’ article on Do’s and Don’ts in Credit Union Mergers generated a great deal of interest and lots of questions.   Where people, culture and change are concerned, life can be complex. Where employment law is concerned, it can seem like a minefield at times.   It has to be acknowledged that many…

Credit Union Mergers

Do’s and Don’ts in Credit Union Mergers

The landscape for credit unions in Ireland has changed dramatically in recent years.   We had the economic downturn and problems worldwide in the financial systems, resulting in a massive reduction in income from investments, and a huge reduction in lending income which currently has not picked up sufficiently to bridge the investment income gap….

Bullying in the workplace

Conducting Harassment or Workplace Bullying Investigations

  Tips for Conducting Workplace Bullying or Harassment Investigations An employer who receives a formal complaint of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment, in writing, or who has progressed through some or several steps in an informal process in attempts to resolve issues, may find they need to institute a formal investigation into the matters.  …

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying or Harassment

Workplace Bullying. We all agree that the workplace should be free from any activity or behaviour that adversely affects the dignity of people in the workplace and that the working environment should provide all employees the freedom to conduct their work without having to suffer harassment or bullying.   What is harassment or bullying is…

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