Workforce Restructuring

If you are planning a restructuring of your workforce, support and advice for the implementation of any compulsory redundancy or a voluntary severance programme is essential to ensure it runs smoothly, staff are communicated with effectively and all the legal and consultation requirements are met.


The need to accelerate change and transformation within an organisation may give rise to the need to plan and implement workforce restructuring. The need may also arise as a result of mergers and acquisitions and the integration needs which follows. A transfer of undertakings or a transfer of engagements arising from a merger or from outsourcing or contracting out situations also may give rise to the need to plan workforce changes.


Our workforce restructuring service involves working with you to plan and implement:


• Compulsory and voluntary severance programmes
• Redeployment programmes
• Early retirement programmes
• Communications and consultation with staff


Please contact us to discuss your requirements on a confidential basis.


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“I have worked with the team at CollierBroderick over the last year and have found them to be highly knowledgeable and professional.I have dealt witj them on many occasions and they have always been available to give the best advice and always dealt with my clients in the most efficient manner.I would be delighted to recommend CollierBroderick again to my clients in the future and look forward to a continued partnership with them.”
Anne Marie Graham, Managing Director, Healthforce Occupational Health and Safety Services