Manager effectiveness. Without effective managers, teams can’t solve business problems. 

Managers will make or break your company. 

We have joined forces with Tamica Sears, Laure Kristen-Otto and Terence Milstead to create deep learning on how to drive success through manager enablement in 2024.

The key to navigating challenges and driving business success is great managers.

Organisations cannot afford to have ineffective managers or broken teams. 

Managers need development to become better leaders, better coaches and better facilitators of teams that are working well together.

Managers are the key to:

  • Adapt teams to a rapidly changing work environment
  • Motivate and drive an increasingly diverse workforce
  • Lead individuals and teams effectively
  • Lead teams operating on-site, remote and hybrid 

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Managing Difficult Relationships and People Situations: Strategies for Manager Effectiveness and Resilience – beginning 29 May 2024

Effective Professional Communications – Strategies for Better 1-on-1 and Group Communications in the Workplace – beginning 12 June 2024

Transforming Leadership: From Manager to Leader and Coach – beginning 3 July 2024