Energising Your HR and People Strategy: The Power of a People Action Plan

Energising Your HR and People Strategy: The Power of a People Action Plan
Regardless of your company’s size or industry, your employees are the driving force behind your success. As such, developing a comprehensive HR and People strategy is crucial.

A People strategy aims to align your business with its employees, enable business objectives, promote employee engagement, development, and retention, and attract top talent. Ultimately, this empowers employees to contribute effectively to the organisation.

To bring your HR and People strategy to life, you need a People Action Plan. This plan serves as the bridge between your overarching strategy and its day-to-day implementation. Your organisation’s unique action plan depends on factors such as company culture, lifecycle stage, external influences, available resources, and more.

With over 20 years of experience in people development and employment challenges, CollierBroderick is perfectly positioned to help businesses develop and implement tailored HR and People strategies. Our deep knowledge and understanding of various industries enable us to provide practical, performance-enhancing solutions that cater to each organisation’s specific needs.

Key elements of a People Action Plan include:
→ Goal Communication
→ Employee Experience and Engagement
→ Performance Management

Goal communication involves regularly discussing organisational and unit goals with your teams, as well as individual goal-setting between employees and managers.

For employee experience, consider conducting brief one-on-one meetings or engagement surveys to gather insights for leadership and management, which can help inform actions to improve employee engagement and experience.

Performance management encompasses regular manager one-on-ones, recognition, and annual appraisal cycles to collect feedback, evaluate achievements over time, and plan for future career development.

Compensation strategy and learning and development initiatives should also stem from the above elements. 

By partnering with CollierBroderick, your business can ensure the successful execution of your HR and People strategy, ultimately fostering a thriving, engaged workforce.