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Aptitude Tests

Collier Broderick’s aptitude tests will assist employers to hire with accuracy. Avoid costly mis-hires by using our highly successful tests to spot the right talent for your organisation. 

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Why Use Aptitude Tests When Hiring?

Aptitude tests provide a very reliable and accurate indication of a persons’ strengths and how much potential they have, and thus are very valuable in the selection process as they greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of the hiring decision.

Aptitude tests includes tests for areas such as:


  • reasoning
  • perceptual speed
  • number speed and accuracy
  • spatial visualisation
  • word meaning


Specific aptitude tests for roles provide an accurate and reliable prediction of a person’s strengths in the particular areas being measured and their development potential and how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures.

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Satisfied Customers With CollierBroderick

During a recent recruitment process their assistance and tremendous efficiency in sourcing and pre-screening of candidates was hugely beneficial and was conducted to the highest standards.

Helena gave us excellent advice on psychometric testing. Quick turnaround of data and good value. Happy to use CollierBroderick’s services again.
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time.

We are very satisfied with CollierBroderick recruitment service. There was genuine engagement and commitment throughout.

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