People Management Skills

1 Day Program


In this training program, we focus on developing the key skills of management that enable people managers to be more effective in their role of leading people. This includes directing, delegating, motivating, and developing team members. It is a training program which increases managers’ self-awareness and knowledge of different management styles, so they can be more effective in their role as people leaders.




This is a training program for managers to learn about management style, and how to inspire people to perform at their best and to continually improve outcomes. It will help managers to lead more effectively through improved self-awareness and the development of some of the key skills of management in order to help their team members perform, grow, develop and succeed.


Who Is The Training Program For?


The training program is for People Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders.


Program Details


During this training program, participants learn about:


  • Management Style: Participants discover their management style and how it impacts their decision making and problem solving.


  • Directing and Delegating: Participants learn how to adapt their behaviour to direct and delegate more effectively.


  • Creating a Motivating Environment: Participants learn about motivation and how to motivate more effectively.


  • Developing Others: Participants learn how to provide resources, the environment, and the opportunities to team members that support their performance and growth.


  • Working with the Boss: Participants learn how to collaborate, influence and communicate more effectively with their manager.


Participants complete the Everything DiSC Management online assessment prior to the training program and receive a 26-page personalised Management report during the training program. By combining the report with the learnings from the training program, participants have the information, and have developed the skills on the training program, that they need to develop as a leader of people.




1 day: 9.30am – 4.30pm


People Management Skills

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