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Workforce Restructuring

If you are planning a restructuring of your workforce talk to us today about service. We’ll deal with all aspects from for the implementation of any compulsory redundancy/voluntary severance programme.  Helping to ensure it runs smoothly, staff are communicated with effectively and all the legal and consultation requirements are met.

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Full Service & Support

Our workforce restructuring service involves working with you to plan and implement:

  • Compulsory and voluntary severance programmes
  • Redeployment programmes
  • Early retirement programmes
  • Communications and consultation with staff


Please contact us to discuss your requirements on a confidential basis.

Outplacement Service

Helping employees, who are leaving an organisation through a redundancy or a voluntary severance programme, to transition smoothly to find alternative employment or new career paths, is a support which many organisations provide to their employees. Those affected by redundancy or voluntary severance find real benefit from this support which can be tailored to the individual’s’ requirements or based on wider organisation needs and budgets.

Our employee outplacement service involves working on a group and 1-1 basis with each employee covering a range of chosen areas such as:

  • Skills identification
  • Personal strengths
  • Career and personal profile assessment
  • Future job analysis
  • Cv preparation, and
  • Interview preparation

Each employee outplacement service is tailored to the individual and organisation requirements and budget.

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Satisfied Customers With CollierBroderick

CollierBroderick have been invaluable to us here at Blanchardstown and District Credit Union in assisting us with our HR management. The team have been a real asset to our business, always efficient, knowledgeable, experienced and proactive. They really understand our business needs and create effective solutions to move our business forward. I would highly recommend them as partners for the HR side of your business

CollierBroderick proved invaluable delivering the project in a most professional and effective fashion, helping us to set up a new HR Structure. Extremely supportive & knowledgeable but also encouraged us to put in our own input. Thoroughly satisfied with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending CollierBroderick 

“CollierBroderick has provided HR support for us on a number of occasions in recent times.The clear, factual, no-nonsense approach to problem solving is admirable as is the seemingly bottomless well of knowledge.I would not hesitate to recommend CollierBroderick to anybody needing advice on any HR or employment law related issue.”

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