Contracts of Employment

Are you looking for a Contract of Employment template?


Do you need to review your employment contracts and bring them up-to-date with current employment legislation and best-practice?


Do you need advice on different types of contracts of employment – permanent, temporary, full-time/part-time, casual, zero hours, fixed-term, specific purpose?


Do you need a Contract for Services for self-employed or independent contractors?


Our team can provide contracts for you organisation, guide and update you on your existing contracts, and advise you on all contract related matters.


We work with leaders and teams to deliver solutions through people that improve business performance.

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“I’m grateful for all the work you have done with us in both organisations especially over the past four months.Your support and encouragement as well as your energy and efforts are very much appreciated by myself and all the staff and we look forward to continuing to advance our goals with all your professional and personable assistance.”
Marcella Finnerty, Managing Director, IICP