Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change

Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change

A company’s culture significantly influences whether talent is attracted or not attracted to a company and whether top-performing employees can be retained.

According to Gallup research, employees and teams who align with their organisation’s culture consistently perform better on internal key performance metrics than those who do not. Just 4 in 10 U.S. employees strongly agree that the mission and purpose of their organisation makes them feel their job is important. By doubling that ratio to 8 in 10 employees, organizations could realise a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 33% improvement in quality.

Gallup research shows that in the world’s highest performing organizations, HR leaders play a central role in creating and sustaining the culture their organisation aspires to have. As the stewards and keepers of the culture, HR leaders are responsible for inspiring desired employee behaviours and beliefs and creating a thriving culture that realises important gains for the organisation. HR leaders can cultivate high performance by changing and shaping a culture to the desired set of behaviours.

According to Gallup research, HR leaders play 3 key roles that can guide culture transformation.

  • HR leaders champion the cause and are the change agents who promote awareness and guide the transition from what the culture is to what it could be.

  • HR leaders are coaches responsible for aligning managers and employees with the aspired culture, fostering a sense of ownership for that culture and maintaining accountability throughout all levels of the company.

  • HR leaders are consultants who consistently monitor culture metrics alongside other metrics, such as employee engagement, customer experience and their organisation’s KPI’s.

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Our team of former HR Directors and HR Managers can support you in assessing and building your organisations culture using software tools and processes which are accessible to SME’s.


We can also support you with your people agenda including organisation restructuring and re-configuration, continuous performance management, recruitment, developing the talent pipeline, compensation, and the creation and building of culture.


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