Remote Working and Employer’s Obligations of Record Keeping

Remote Working and Employer’s Obligations of Record Keeping

Employer’s legal obligations to record working hours and breaks and retain them for 3 years’ can prove challenging at the best of times and even more challenging in the current remote working environment induced due to COVID-19.


Flexibility for remote workers, in particular during Covid-19 restrictions, can include offering flexible start and finish times, part-time hours, flexible shift arrangements etc. 


The “blended” working arrangement is another option for remote workers in the future when we are free of Covid-19 restrictions.  This arrangement would mean employees can work remotely with an agreement to attend the office for agreed days per week (or month).  


Employers are obliged to keep records of working hours and break times for all employees, including those working remotely.  


With the government’s remote working strategy to allow all employees the right to request remote working to be implemented by the end of the year, some thought needs to be given to how you as the employer will manage this longer-term.


The records that should be maintained include:


  • the starting time
  • finishing time
  • hours worked each day
  • hours worked each week
  • daily rest breaks
  • weekly rest breaks
  • annual leave taken.


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