Re-Engineering Performance Management

Not many employees or managers will be surprised to see that performance management is undergoing a makeover in many organisations. The re-invention of performance management from what it has been to a practice that is in tune with today’s economies and workplaces is welcome.


To stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices in performance management, you can download this form below our comprehensive report on how performance management is being re-engineered by many of the world’s best organisations.


Many organisations in the past decade or more, have developed the performance management model far beyond the simple, annual appraisal. Where performance management is implemented well, and employees and managers engage constructively throughout the year, employees gain and develop as a result of great feedback and ongoing dialog about their work and performance.


In our experience, some of the best managers have no annual appraisals at all but have ongoing discussion and feedback with the team members. And they build great teams, employ great people and develop their people and their careers.


In our staff surveys, however, we have noticed that where staff have no appraisals in their current organisations, large majorities of staff wish they had. They desire appraisals so as to give them a sense of how they are doing and where they are going. The absence of appraisals creates a vacuum that staff generally do not like.


This tallies with research which shows that the majority of employees find the year end performance review useful. Of those employees surveyed, nearly two thirds (67%) said they help them understand how they are doing, 4 in 10 said they motivate them and nearly half (48%) said they help them progress and think about their career. Only just over a third (37%) said the end of year performance review is a waste of time. However, people did want feedback on a more regular basis – every six months was the most popular option, followed by quarterly feedback.


To continue reading about how performance management is being re-engineered to meet the needs of today’s workforce and to meet business goals, please download our report below.



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