10 Dimensions of Performance

Employers must always prevent gatherings of employees in workplace.

A guide for development and coaching that we often use (FYI, For Your Improvement) uses 10 performance dimensions that apply in most, if not all, jobs – from entry level right to CEO level.


They provide a great way to look at the top 10 critical dimensions of almost every job and provide a great framework to guide and develop people in their roles.


These include:


1. Quantity of work i.e. the quantity or amount of work produced or the sheer volume of work completed by employees – recognises hard-working employees


2. Timeliness of work i.e. timely delivery of work in terms of schedules, meeting deadlines, etc. – recognises employees who produce work on-time and meet deadlines


3. Quality of work i.e. the quality of work produced in terms of standards, errors, waste and rework – recognises employees who produce quality work, work which meets standards and work with few errors or mistakes


4. Use of Resources/Efficiency i.e. produces work in an efficient way in terms of using time, money, materials and other people’s time well – recognises employees who come in on budget with efficient use of time, materials and people


5. Customer (External & Internal) Impact/Value Add i.e. work produced meets the expectations of customers (external or internal) – recognises employees who do work that meets/exceeds internal or external customer standards and expectations


6. Self-Reliance i.e. recognises employees who produce work without the need for extensive supervision – requires a reasonable level of support


7. Department Contribution – the employee is helpful to others in the department in getting work done and sets a tone of co-operation


8. Productive Work Habits – the employee has an overall work style which is effective and productive in terms of time management, setting priorities and following-up on commitments


9. Adding Skills & Capabilities – the employee is continuously adding new capabilities in terms of skills, knowledge, and attitude to get work done in new/better ways and building for the future


10. Alignment & Compliance – the employee behaves in a way that is aligned with the values, culture and mission of the organisation as well as common organizational practices and procedures.


This is a very useful way to consider performance and incorporating the 10 dimensions really adds value to the performance management process.





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