Employee Engagement – Measurement Without Action

Organisation Development

There are many off-the-shelf surveys available that assist organisations measure the levels of employee engagement in the organisation. Indeed, the organisation can design and implement its own employee engagement survey relatively easily or have one designed and implemented.

However, recent studies have shown that measurement without action not only doesn’t help, it can actually decrease engagement.
So, if you measure engagement you must commit to act upon the result.
This means developing comprehensive action plans that increase engagement. This is the real challenge.

Attitude and Behaviour

Employee engagement is more than employee morale, job satisfaction or employee involvement.
Employee engagement is comprised of both attitude and behaviour.
Engaged employees are more productive because their work behaviour is energised, focused and aligned to the needs of the organisation.
Engaged employees are more likely to remain with their company because they are challenged by their work and have an encouraging, supportive and empowering boss.
They feel listened to, supported and appreciated.
They believe in the mission and vision of the organisation and sense that the senior leadership of the organisation can lead it successfully into the future.

Does Employee Engagement Matter?

The link between employee engagement and organisation performance has been well proven in recent studies.
Many studies, across a variety of industries, show that increases in employee engagement result in improvements in profitability, quality, turnover, customer satisfaction and so on covering a range of metrics.

The Engagement Index

The level of employee engagement is a barometer of the health of the organisation. Measuring it is essential to determine the health of the organisation and to devising an action plan to improve or maintain its health.

The Drivers of Employee Engagement

These are the factors which cause employee engagement. They represent factors in an organisation that influence the extent to which employees are engaged. Improving on any of these drivers affects employees behaviour and attitudes. When they are aligned with those of the organisation, there are improved outcomes at the individual employee level. Collectively, those individual outcomes will have an impact on the overall organisational outcomes.
Source: FYI for Talent Engagement – Drivers of Best-Practice

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