Do you have a policy about taking photos or videos in your workplace?

Taking pictures or videos of your colleagues in the workplace is not a good idea unless you have their permission to do so. 

It’s an invasion of their privacy otherwise, and may cause upset with your work colleagues, and rightly so, if they are being filmed, their photo has been taken or indeed if they have been recorded.

We have seen several examples of this, sometimes innocently or inadvertently done by colleagues, and even managers, in organisations.

Employees would have a reasonable expectation that their right to privacy will be observed in the workplace (certainly in most workplaces). We are not referring to CCTV here, but rather the use of mobile phones to take photos and videos primarily.

Companies should have policies around the taking of photos, videos and any form of recording of colleagues in a workplace. Thus, it would be in violation of the policy if photos and videos were taken without permission.

Moreover, employers should also have policies about the taking of photos and videos of the employer’s offices, production facilities, service areas, etc. for security and to protect the assets of the business.

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