Changes in WRC Processes

Following the Supreme Court judgement in Zalewski v Adjudication Officer and WRC Ireland and Attorney General (2021) IESC 24 on 6 April 2021 a number of procedural changes were made to the adjudication procedures at the WRC. 

An outline of the main changes are: 

  • All Hearings (except industrial relations disputes under section 13 Industrial Relations Act 1969) are held in public 
  • When decision are issued the parties are named 
  • Where there is a serious and direct conflict of evidence, the Adjudication Officer may decide an Oath or Affirmation may need to be administered 


Written Statements/ Submissions 


Submissions are required from the Complainant in Employment Equality and constructive dismissal cases, from the Respondent in all other Unfair Dismissal complaints or when requested by the Adjudication Officer. 

There is a requirement to provide all statements, submissions and evidence relevant to the complaint to the WRC and shared with the other parties at the latest 15 days in advance of the Hearing. The admissibility of material which does not allow for sufficient review prior to the Hearing is a matter for determination by the Adjudication Officer. 

Next Steps

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