Retirement Age in Ireland

In our forthcoming webinar on Retirement Age in Ireland we will be examining recent case law on retirement age, the Code of Practice on Longer Working, is it an answer to recruitment constraints, and what an employer needs to do.   

Until recently many employers relied on the retirement age in the contract of employment. That was often 65, which has shifted to 66 for many due to the gap in the state pension age, for others it might be 70 or some other variations.

In the last few years,  employers have been guided by the Code of Practice on Longer Working, and case law,  and have in many cases been providing retiring employees with the opportunity to work on fixed-term contracts beyond their retirement age.

Employers must provide “objective justification” for enforcing their retirement age. This is not as easy as it sounds. It is necessary to consider each specific part of the organisation, each role, and each retiree when deciding the retirement age and when considering a request to stay on beyond the retirement age.

Recent case law demonstrates each retirement and each request to stay on longer must be considered in light of all the circumstances pertaining to that situation.