Team Performance

team effectiveness

Enhancing team effectiveness: Tools that you can use

Highly performing teams don’t just happen. They take time to evolve and mature, they take the right talent and mix of people, and they take proper leadership.   Major league baseball coach Casey Stengel said   “It’s easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part”   Good team work…

Emotional Intelligence in Teams

How well a team achieves a task will depend on how well it is able to tap into the talents and skills of members of a team. This itself depends on the degree to which it is able to create a state of harmony. Emotional intelligence in individuals is one thing but emotional intelligence in…

How to Enhance Team Performance

A team is any interdependent group that works collaboratively to achieve a common purpose and operates in accordance with a set of rules. So how do we enhance team performance overall?   There is a variety of approaches to enhancing team performance ranging from focusing on enhancing the skills of the leader and/or giving them…

How to Improve Team Effectiveness

There are a number of critical components which contribute to team effectiveness or ineffectiveness over time. If you want to improve team effectiveness, a good starting point is to look at these components.   Some of these components are: Team Purpose Team Planning Team Roles Team Operating Process Team Talent Team Interpersonal Relationships Team Inter-Team…

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