Performance Management

Current Trends and Best-Practices in Performance Management

Not many employees or managers will be surprised to see that performance management is undergoing a makeover in many organisations. The re-invention of performance management from what it has been to a practice that is in tune with today’s economies and workplaces is welcome. Click read more to enter your details and download now.

Hiding Under-Performers

General Electric is one of the most respected companies in the world. Under former CEO, Jack Welch, there was a huge focus on people and talent.   Welch says that he spent 50% of his time on talent issues.   His famous quote is:   “People First, Strategy and Everything Else Second”   He spent…

How Useful is the Goal-Setting Exercise?

Every year at this time of year, we think about our goals, either for ourselves individually for the year ahead or for the team/unit/business which we manage. In the workplace, this is usually part of the Performance Management process and is called different things in different organisations – Management by Objectives in Intel, OKR’s (Objectives…

Does Pay for Performance Work?

A recent lecture at the ESRI by Canice Prendergast, who is now one of the world’s foremost researchers on workplace incentives and their impact on productivity, addressed this question.   Below is a summary of the main ideas from the lecture.   What is Pay-for-Performance? Pay-for-performance would include wage raises, the likelihood of getting promoted,…

They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Various pieces of research (real world and laboratory) have been conducted to examine if people’s appraisal of their own performance and also their performance in relation to others is accurate.   The research has found that under-performers in particular consistently overestimate their performance in relation to their peers. High performers, on the other hand, under…

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10 Dimensions of Performance

A guide for development and coaching that we often use (FYI, For Your Improvement) uses 10 performance dimensions that apply in most, if not all, jobs – from entry level right to CEO level.   They provide a great way to look at the top 10 critical dimensions of almost every job and provide a…

Rating Performance – Issues Which Arise at Performance Review

One of the challenges with implementing a fair and effective performance management system relates to implementing a rating system.   The challenges arise at implementing a rating for the individual employee and also across individuals so that there is uniformity in respect of the rating given by different managers to employees who may doing similar…

Performance Measurement

An essential component of an effective performance management system is the performance measurement element.   The Balanced Scorecard The Balanced Scorecard is a famous method and covers four broad categories of measures, mostly employed at an organisation level:   1. Financial Perspective 2. Customer Perspective 3. Process Perspective 4. People Perspective   Financial measures could…

People First – Strategy & Everything Else Second

“We build great people, who then build great products and services.”   So said Jack Welch, the iconic leader of GE, who created a firm six times larger than the one he inherited, but with fewer managers overall and only 25 vice-presidents.   Welch was appointed CEO in April 1981 and admits he did not…

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) – The Google Way

After the early years at Google, as Google’s management system became more formalised, a management system called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) was introduced.   It had been used at Intel, where Andy Grove referred to it as Management by Objectives.   It was considered to be really important for Google as in the rapidly…

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