Change Management

Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change

In “Leading Change” John P Kotter outlines his 8 step process for leading change. The article below contains a summary of some of the key messages for each of the 8 steps. This is a very useful book for anyone interested in a framework for successfully leading or managing change.   1. Raise the sense…

The Internal Reaction to Change

We have two ways of looking at and responding to change:   the change that happens in the outside world, and the change that happens in our internal world   It is the internal reaction to external change that proves the most challenging area, and it is often in this area that we find the…

Lewin’s 3-Step Model of Organisational Change

Kurt Lewin’s model of organisational change is well known and much quoted by managers today.   He introduced force fields analysis, which examines the driving forces and the resisting forces in any change situation.   The driving forces for change must always outweigh the resisting forces in any situation if change is to happen.  …

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