The Inner Game of Tennis and the GROW model

The Inner Game of Tennis and the GROW model

  The GROW model of Coaching was influenced by the Inner Game method developed by Timothy Gallwey. His famous book “The Inner Game of Tennis” is a great read for any manager interested in developing their team members and their skills in leadership. Gallwey was a tennis coach who noticed that he could often see…

The GROW Coaching Model

The GROW Coaching Model

The GROW Coaching Model – Helping Team Members Develop their Ways of Thinking   Many people say “Change your Thinking, Change your Life”. Well, it’ correct!   Coaching is the process and the skill of helping people to develop their ways of thinking.   So, if you’re a manager of people, you should be learning…

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

What is Emotional Intelligence?   Emotional intelligence is the ability to:   Be aware of, name, and manage one’s emotions; Be aware of, name and understand other’s emotions, and; Relate to others in effective ways both personally and professionally in a wide range of contexts and roles.   How does Low Emotional Intelligence Show Up…

Observing & Feedback – Keys to Good Executive Coaching

Good feedback is factual, as close to the event as possible, specific so that coachee knows what you are referring to. It comprises of three parts, namely, observing, stating what effect it had on you or perceived on others and suggestions for change if required. Stating what was observed and the effect or likely effect…

Listening & Questioning – Keys to Good Executive Coaching

At the heart of good executive coaching is the art of listening and questioning. However, research has found that a third of coachees believe that their coaches do not ask insightful questions and 26% stated they do not listen well and build upon their ideas throughout the conversation.   Listening   Listening patiently, attentively and…

abraham lincoln leadership

Abraham Lincoln on Leadership

With the opening of the movie ‘Lincoln’, Donald T Phillips book ‘Lincoln on Leadership’ is worth reading to appreciate the nuances of Lincoln’s character and for the lessons on leadership it provides. It is an inspiring read, because Abraham Lincoln himself inspired.   He fulfilled the main criterion from the seminal work on leadership by…

Adapting in a Fast Changing World

“A fundamental shift has taken place in the world of work.”   Permanent forces of change are taking hold in the form of globalisation, technological shifts, and economic and political uncertainty. Everythig is faster, more interconnected, complex, and ambiguous than ever before. As a result, the era of job stability and predictability is now a…

Leadership Lessons from Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition

A “Successful Failure”! A recent upsurge in interest in Ernest Shackleton seems to be in part because his expedition to the South Pole has been described as a “successful failure” – while failing utterly to achieve its goals, it managed to do something much more glorious, the survival of its 27 crew against all odds….

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