Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change

Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change

  A company’s culture significantly influences whether talent is attracted or not attracted to a company and whether top-performing employees can be retained. According to Gallup research, employees and teams who align with their organisation’s culture consistently perform better on internal key performance metrics than those who do not. Just 4 in 10 U.S. employees strongly…

Evidence Based Interviewing

Evidence Based Hiring

Any organisation is as strong as its weakest links, and just a few poor performers can adversely affect your entire team.   Poor performance can mean poor attitude, poor behaviour, or a lack of flexibility, and so on, as well as poor performance per se.   Though there is no fool proof method for always getting…


Great Behavioural Interviewing Questions

Behavioural Interviewing – the Key to Good Interviews Good interview questions matter As an interviewer, in less than 1 hour, you’ve got to “get under the bonnet” of all the coached and rehearsed answers that candidates will give you, and ask those small few questions that ensure you make a sound hiring decision. It’s a…

Interviewing Biases – Biases of Intuition

It is said by psychologists that it takes only seven seconds for us to judge another person when we first meet them.   It’s not a conscious process, so we don’t even realise we’re doing it.   Judging other people in the first few seconds of meeting them is part of our natural response. So,…

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