Data Protection

Using CCTV for disciplinary purposes

The Data Protection Commissioner has made his view clear about the use of CCTV in disciplinary cases and has extensive guidance for data controllers on his website. The following case highlights the difficulties posed in using CCTV in disciplinary cases.   In 2008, the Commissioner received complaints from two employees of the same company regarding…

Unlawful use of CCTV to remotely monitor an employee

The 23rd Annual Report of the Data Protection Commissioner contains more insight into the Commissioners looking at unlawful CCTV use in an employee/employer context.   In October 2010, the Commissioner received a complaint from an employee who stated that he considered that his personal privacy was being affected in his workplace through the inappropriate use of…

Data Protection issues with ‘Nature of Illness’ on Doctors Certs

The 24th annual report of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner highlights an interesting concern which the Office has about the need for Doctors certs to contain ‘Reason for Illness’ information about the employee who is absent from work due to illness. The comment in the report arises from a complaint the Office received…

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